High-Pressure Aluminum Die Casting

NAC is a corporate member of the North American Die Casting Association (NADCA).

As a Custom Aluminum Die Caster, we are presented with casting designs in a wide variety of configurations. As a point of reference, however, our normal part size range falls within the following parameters:

By Weight

  • 1 ounce to 20 pounds

By Physical Size

  • From a few square inches to 144 square inches of projected area, or one cubic foot

Castings are made from precision steel molds

  • Single cavity molds
  • Multi-cavity molds of the same part
  • Family cavity molds of different parts

Alloy’s Cast

  • 380 Aluminum is the most commonly used alloy at NAC
  • 360 Aluminum alloy is also available


  • From a few thousand shots per year to over 200,000 parts per year

Die Cast Machine Range

  • 450 ton to 1,000 ton capacity


NAC is a complete in-house aluminum die cast operation. NAC not only die casts and trims, but offers complete CNC machining, Loctite© impregnation, lapping, tumbling, shot blasting, deburring and ball burnish castings in-house. Learn more about our in-house services.